Architected Materials and Additive Manufacturing (AM2) Lab

focuses on understanding mechanics of architected resilient infrastructure materials and structures inspired by nature and enabled by advanced manufacturing processes.

Lab News

Moini Lab receives Collaborative NSF Grant

On additive manufacturing of concrete, aiming at understanding the spatio-temporal aspects, and fracture and transport behaviors.

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Moini Lab receives Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund

AM2 Lab, in collaboration with Profs. Emily Davidson and Sujit Datta, will work on new functional water-absorbing concrete for flood mitigation.

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Moini Lab receives NSF CAREER Award 

 On Tough Architected Concrete Materials: Bio-inspired Design, Manufacturing, and Mechanics

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Dr. Lara Tomholt has joins AM2 Lab  Distinguished Post-doc

Dr. Tomholt has joined AM2 as Andlinger Center Distinguished post-doctoral fellow. 

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Lab Overview

The world's growing population and climate change assert the need for scientific advancements for design and manufacturing of resilient and ecologically viable infrastructure.

 The Architected Materials and Additive Manufacturing (AM2) Lab at Princeton University is a multi-disciplined research group addressing the need for better civil infrastructure. The group is motivated by intellectual challenges involved in addressing civil infrastructure problems. The main focus of our group centers on understanding and controlling the fracture mechanics of new bio-inspired and architected infrastructure materials such as concrete. We advance the automated robotic manufacturing processes such as that leverage new possibilities in design of new functional materials. We emphasize on holistically improving fundamental mechanical and functional (thermal, water uptake) properties of brittle and quasi-brittle cementitious materials by design and processing, and develop ways to reduce materials use that can be scaled up toward resilient applications in the civil engineering. 

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