Lab Principles


We believe in the open sharing of ideas and respectful communication of thoughts at all development stages through pairwise conversations or interactive discussions of responsibilities and expectations.  In response, the lab members offer honest, critical feedback with the sole aim of betterment of the work. We believe these interactions will provide the lab members with enhanced abilities to think critically, respond carefully, expand their intellectual capacities as researchers, and the broader contribution of their work.  

Inclusion of Diverse ideas 

We acknowledge that everyone has a unique trait and brings a new angle in looking at the questions at hand. Embracing our differences, we believe they nurture new ideas and creativity. We recognize lab members’ traits and ways of thinking, and we work with one another to empower everyone’s best self and the betterment of the group.   

Working as a Team

We value everyone’s generosity of time and intellectual contribution throughout research, scholarship, and teaching. We regard all internal and external research projects as collaborations between the participants. We value extending this spirit of reciprocity and collaboration to the broader and external communities in which we belong.

Path to Discovery

Research is a multi-faceted opportunity for learning, leading to giving back to the scientific community new knowledge that advances our understanding of the subject matter. Scientific discoveries often come with creativity, the exploration of ambitious ideas, and even spectacular failures. We hold ourselves and each other to high expectations about scientific quality in the pursuit of solutions that ambitiously aim at the heart of unresolved engineering questions or global challenges. The lab provides a welcoming and productive environment for all members. Through collaboration, critical feedback, and camaraderie, we all work to achieve the best outcome for our science, our lab mates, and the lab as a whole.