Current Courses

CEE 374 Autonomous Fabrication and Robotics (Fall)

An introductory course with several demonstration and hands-on components of fabrication with autonomous and robotic systems with a focus on civil infrastructure materials and structures. Course details

CEE/MSE 531 Materials and Processes (Spring)

The course focuses on the linear and non-linear rheology of colloidal materials and a wider range of material processing methods and solidification mechanisms. The rheological sections of the course focus on the fundamentals of rheological properties, viscoelasticity, flow, and constitutive models. The materials processing sections focus on physics and mechanics principles governing the behavior of materials and particulate. Course details

Courses Taught

CEE 205 Mechanics of Solids

This course teaches fundamental principles of solid mechanics, Fall 2020 – Precept.

CE 202 Dynamics

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Fall/Spring 2014, Spring 2015.

CE 331 Engineering Materials II

Inaugural Teaching Fellow, Lyles School of Engineering, Purdue University

CE 299 3D-Printed Materials; Customizing Concrete

Lyles School of Engineering, Purdue University

CE 431 Materials of Construction

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Fall 2013