Join the Lab

There are multiple new research projects in the areas of mechanics of architected materials, additive manufacturing, robotics for which I will be hiring several Ph.D. students.  Please  see the instruction for contacting me about Ph.D. application below.  Students from diverse backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.

                                                                                                                                              Please DO NOT send repeated emails.

Active postdocs

We are interested in recruiting motivated post-docs in the areas of mechanics of materials, architected and bio-inspired materials, advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing, robotics and controls, and early-age rheological behaviors of concrete.  If you believe you have excellent qualifications and are enthusiastic to pursue research and advance your career in these areas please email the lab director, Dr. Moini (, and append your CV and academic transcript. 

Other postdocs

There are highly competitive postdoc fellowship opportunities at Princeton that periodically (every 6 months or one year) open applications to candidates (require a Princeton faculty mentor). If you have a very strong track record and would be proposing a research topic that is within the general area of Dr. Moini’s research group, please reach out prior to the due date. Please see three opportunities below:

Ph.D. Students

Please contact Dr. Moini with your CV and a short email (titled Ph.D.) about why you are interested in joining my group.  For requirements, please also visit the CEE graduate program application requirements and process. Motivated students in the areas aligned with Dr. Moini’s research group are encouraged to contact before submitting their applications. The deadline for graduate applications is typically Dec 31. Students from diverse backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply. Please DO NOT send repeated emails.

Undergraduate Students 

For joining as an undergraduate student please email Prof. Moini.   Princeton students from diverse backgrounds or those who are interested in conducting their senior thesis in relevant areas are highly encourage to email Prof. Moini.