Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Aggregate Packing for Effective Application in Concrete

 Mohamadreza Moini; Konstantin Sobolev; Ismael Flores-Vivian; and Adil Amirjanov
Additive manufacturing and performance of architectured cement-based materials.
ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 1(3): 04019001-10. Selected to be featured in the Editor’s Choice section of the journal.

This research investigates the effects of aggregate proportioning on the basis of theoretical particle packing models and verifies the predicted results with experimental data from compaction of concrete aggregates. The experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches are compared on the basis of the packing of the binary and ternary blends. The results illustrate that the Toufar packing model can predict the maximal packing degree of various binary and ternary blends of aggregates, and the sequential packing algorithm can closely predict the particle size distribution and the packing degree of aggregate assemblies. It was demonstrated that the suggested experimental procedure with Vebe apparatus can be used to determine and verify the aggregate packing degree, reaching the compaction degree values predicted by theoretical and computational models.

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